CKAN Drupal data
by yhteentoimivuuspalvelut


This extension provides data utility methods from CKAN to Drupal.

  • service_alerts method for CKAN templates (h.service_alerts())


Installed as CKAN extension: ytp_drupal

See how to install CKAN extensions.



ckanext.ytp.drupal.connection = <Drupal database connection URL>


ckanext.ytp.drupal.node_type = <Drupal node type>


ckanext.ytp.drupal.translations_disabled = <Disable language support for nodes>

Connection URL is required. Node type defaults to service_alert and translations are enabled by default.

Example configuration::

ckanext.ytp.drupal.connection = postgresql://drupal:[email protected]/drupal
ckanext.ytp.drupal.node_type = service_alert
ckanext.ytp.drupal.translations_disabled = false

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