YouCKAN connector for CKAN
by Etalab

YouCKAN CKAN extension

The YouCKAN extension is a YouCKAN connector for CKAN.

NOTE: This extension has only been texted with CKAN 2.1.

Activating and Installing

To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and load the source:

$ pip install ckanext-youckan

Add the following to your CKAN .ini file:

ckan.plugins = youckan <other-plugins>

To use YouCKAN users and authentification, set you who.ini like this:

use = ckanext.youckan.repozewho:plugin
session_cookie_name = youckan_session
auth_cookie_name = youckan_auth
login_url =
https = true

request_classifier = repoze.who.classifiers:default_request_classifier
challenge_decider = youckan

plugins = youckan

plugins = youckan

plugins = youckan

and configure the YouCKAN plugin to use authentication:

ckan.plugins = youckan <other-plugins>
youckan.use_auth = true
youckan.logout_url = https://youckan/logout

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