CKAN extension to upload vector geospatial data, store and publish through OGC services
by PublicaMundi

CKAN Vector Storer Extension


Vector Storer is a CKAN extension that allows users to upload vector geospatial data, store and publish through OGC services.


1. Install required Debian packages

Install compression-related libraries

$ sudo apt-get install unzip unrar p7zip-full

Install GDAL libraries and Python bindings (at system-level):

$ sudo apt-get install python-gdal   

2. Install CKAN extension

$ git clone
$ python develop
$ pip install -r pip-requirements.txt


1. Enabling Vector Storer

To enable the Vector Storer Extension add this to ckan plugins in the config file :

    ckan.plugins = vectorstorer

2. Vector Storer config options

The following should be set in the CKAN config :

    # ckanext-vectorstorer settings
    ckanext-vectorstorer.geoserver_url= (e.g. http://ckan_services_server/geoserver)
    ckanext-vectorstorer.geoserver_workspace= (e.g. CKAN)
    ckanext-vectorstorer.geoserver_admin= (e.g. admin)
    ckanext-vectorstorer.geoserver_password= (e.g. geoserver)
    ckanext-vectorstorer.geoserver_ckan_datastore=(e.g. ckan_datastore_default)
    ckanext-vectorstorer.gdal_folder= (e.g. /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages)

Geoserver workspace and datastore have to be created in advance. The datastore must be connected to the CKAN datastore database.

3. Datastore configuration

Enable the postgis extension in the Datastorer database

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