US Common Core Schema additional custom fields
by - GSA

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This CKAN Extension expands CKAN to offer a number of custom fields related to the US Common Core Schema


To install this package, activate CKAN virtualenv (e.g. “source /path/to/virtenv/bin/activate”), then run

(virtenv) 'pip install -e git+'
(virtenv) 'python develop'

Then activate it by adding “usmetadata” to “ckan.plugins” in your main “ini”-file.


nosetests --ckan --nologcapture --with-pylons=test.ini --reset-db --with-coverage --cover-package=ckanext.usmetadata --cover-inclusive --cover-erase --cover-tests


You may also install by cloning the git repo, then running ‘‘python develop’’ from the root of your source directory, which will install an egg link so that you can modify the code and see results without reinstalling

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