URN fetching extension for CKAN
by Kata team repository

URN Plugin for CKAN

This plugin automatically generates an ID from an URN source for a Resource data type. The default CKAN UUID ID for a Resource is hence replaced.


First of all, as with all CKAN extensions, one must install it to a either pyenv or a global python path, like this:

python setup.py install

and add the extension name ‘urn’ to the configuration option ‘ckan.plugins’ of the CKAN ini file in use.

In addition to this, one must add a configuration option ‘urn_url’ to the app:main section of the ini file like this:

urn_url = http://urnsource-kk.lib.helsinki.fi/cgi-bin/urn_generator.cgi?type=nbn

If the URL supplied cannot be successfully contacted, then the ID is not replaced with the URN.

The URL supplied in this documentation refers to the NBN URN generator offered by the National Library of Finland.


The included tests can be run using nose, but the test-core.ini has a path to CKAN which needs to be modified. Example of the path is the default one:

use = config:../../../pyenv/src/ckan/test-core.ini

Then to run the tests:

python setup.py nosetests

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