CKAN extension for SourcePlanet project
by Jon Lázaro Aduna

CKAN SourcePlanet Extension

Status: Alpha

CKAN Version: 1.8

The aim of SourcePlanet project is using CKAN for managing Open Source Software Projects’ metadata. For that purpouse, SourcePlanet manages three entities identifying:

  • Open Source Projects (project)
  • Open Source Products (product)
  • Organizations / Companies (organization)

As CKAN Dataset/Package model is basically based on project-like models, SourcePlanet uses it for “Project”s and “Product”s (with some modifications).

“Organization”s support is based on ckanext-organizations extension provided by CKAN by default.

This extension provides CKAN customization for SourcePlanet project with functionalities like:

  • New entitites project and product instead of dataset entity.
  • New forms for projects and products.
  • Quality related info in project and producs.
  • New interface according to SourcePlanet needs.
  • Preliminar modification of RDF descriptions adapting them to software project descriptions (using DOAP ontology).

To install this package, from your CKAN virtualenv, run the following from your CKAN base folder (e.g. pyenv/):

pip install -e git+

Then activate SourcePlanet extension (and also needed Organizations extension) by setting ckan.plugins = sourceplanet organizations in your main ini-file.

At this moment, changes on CKAN default Package and Related controllers are required to make the extension work (not included by the moment)

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