Hooks the Sentry's raven plugin into ckan/pylons wsgi middleware chain
by Open Data in Trentino


Hooks the Sentry’s raven plugin into ckan/pylons wsgi middleware chain.

Important notice

There are some known issues with this middleware insertion method. Have a look at the README.md in the alternatives folder (that is, this directory for more information on a better solution for integrating Sentry).


Refer to: http://raven.readthedocs.org/en/latest/config/pylons.html

  • Install plugin, add sentry to enabled plugins list
  • Add sentry configuration to main configuration file
  • Add logging configuration (todo: fix the “11 args” issue)
  • todo: there seems to be some issues with pylons 0.9.7 (or is it due to some customization?)

Configuration options

  • sentry.dsn The DSN for connecting to sentry

  • sentry.load_method Specify how to hook sentry client into middleware chain. Allowed values:

    • none do not hook sentry client
    • pylons (default) use the pylon’s way
    • wsgi use the generic way for wsgi apps
  • sentry.configure_logging If set to “true” (default), will add logging configuration while adding middleware to application.

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