CKAN extension for RDF description of dataset relationships
by Petar Milic

CKAN Extension for RDF Description of Dataset Relationships

The ckanext-semre (SEManticRElationships) extension will give RDF description of CKAN dataset relationships when user request RDF desrciption of dataset (for example, when user access


Before installing ckanext-semre, make sure that you have installed the following:

  • CKAN 2.0+


Install the plugin using pip. Download it, then from the ckanext-qa directory, run


$ pip install -e ./

This will register a plugin entry point, so you can now add the following to the [app:main] section of your CKAN .ini file:


ckan.plugins = semre <other-plugins>

After you reload the site, the SEMRE plugin will do the job http://url-of-your-ckan/dataset/dataset-name.rdf

Using The SEMRE Extension

SEMRE: give RDF description of CKAN dataset relationships.



Simply access to RDF description of dataset via URL example given above.


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