Archive CKAN datastore to S3


This extension archives all resource files stored in the local CKAN filestore into S3. The files are removed locally and just hosted on s3. When a user requests these files they are redirected to a temporary S3 url for download. Only authorized users are allowed to get these urls and the urls expire after 30 mins for security.


To install this package, from your CKAN virtualenv, run the following from your CKAN base folder (e.g. pyenv/):

pip install -e git+

Then activate it by setting ckan.plugins = s3archive in your main ini-file.


CKAN 2.2+


Config options should be placed in main section of the CKAN config file:

ckanext.s3archive.access_key = <access_key>
ckanext.s3archive.secret_key = <secret_key>
ckanext.s3archive.bucket = <bucket>

ckan.plugins = <current_plugins> s3archive


The following paster command will archive all the files to S3

paster –plugin=ckanext-s3archive s3archive archive -c <path to config file>

This command can be put in a cron job and is safe to be run regularly but is recommended that it is run about once a day. This is to give plenty time for the last job to finish before rerunning. If doing a large migration then it is probably best to run the command outside the cron for the first run.

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