Shows information about the CKAN version an instance is running


Shows information about the HEAD (branch and latest commit) your ckan and extension repositories are running on. This is done checking the local repositories on your server.


With your virtualenv activated:

cd src
git clone
cd ckanext-repo
python develop

Add the following plugin to your CKAN ini file:

ckan.plugins = ... repo_info

After restarting your server you should see a snippet with the CKAN repository information added to your footer.



By default the extension will only show information about the core ckan repo.

You can choose which repositories to get information from with the ckanext.repo.repos configuration option. This one expects a space-separated list of local repositories to check, in the form <github_org>/<github_repo>. If the github_org part is not provided, ckan is assumed. For instance:

ckanext.repo.repos = ckan okfn/ckanext-glasgow ckanext-oauth2waad ckanapi

You can also specify the location where the CKAN sources are installed with ckanext.repo.srcpath configuration option. For instance: ckanext.repo.srcpath = /usr/src


  • What does ‘Last Updated’ really mean?

That’s the time of the last git pull on that repository


(c) Open Knowledge, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0.

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