Repeating metadata fields (validators, template snippets and ckanext-scheming support)

Note: made obsolete by ckanext-scheming 2.1 multiple_text fields


This extension provides a way to store repeating fields in CKAN datasets, resources, organizations and groups.

Add the repeating plugin to your ckan.plugins configuration settings and use ckanext-scheming or a custom form plugin to use the provided validators to store repeating values in metadata fields.

The easiest way to use repeating fields is with ckanext-scheming. Add ckanext.repeating:presets.json to your scheming.presets configuration settings:

scheming.presets = ckanext.scheming:presets.json

A repeating field in a scheming schema will look something like:

  "field_name": "authors",
  "preset": "repeating_text",
  "label": "Author",
  "form_blanks": 3

This new extra field “authors” will appear as multiple fields in the dataset form, with three blank values below existing values. by the form snippet.

Example of repeating form snippet

When displayed, each value for the text entered will appear separately by the display snippet, eg.:

Example of repeating display snippet

When the dataset is accessed from the API each value will appear and are updated as items in a list, eg.:

```json { “…”: “…”, “authors”: [ “Person One”, “Person Two” ], “…”: “…” }

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