Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) extensions for CKAN
by Kata team repository

Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) extension for CKAN. Enables use of REMS access rights management with CKAN datasets.

REMS provides tools to design application forms and workflows for items requiring authorization. REMS can be used by the end user to apply for access to a dataset. Users controlling the workflow may use REMS to process the application and administer previously granted access rights. See:

The REMS plugin currently depends on the Kata extension.


git clone
cd ckanext-rems
# activate virtualenv
python develop
# Add 'rems' for 'ckan.plugins' key in your <development>.ini


You can install ckanext-rems with

pip install -e git://

.ini configuration

Put following lines under [app:main]

rems.resource_domain = Your_domain
rems.rest_base_url =
rems.access_application_base_url =
# rems.default_license_type possible values: text, attachment, link
rems.default_license_type = link
rems.client_certificate_path = /path/to/development.crt
rems.client_private_key_path = /path/to/development.key

Shibboleth configuration

Configuration notes: config/shibboleth/README.txt

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