CKAN extension to connect to Redlink triple store
by redlink-gmbh

ckanext-redlink - Redlink CKAN extension

This is a CKAN extension that provides SPARQL querying capabilities for datasets hosted on Redlink using the data preview feature of CKAN.

The SPARQL interface is based on Squebi.


  • An account and a published dataset on Redlink
  • A running CKAN 2 install (only version 2.2 has been tested so far)
  • A sysadmin user
  • Some datasets created


Install the extension as usual, in your activated virtualenv:

pip install -e "git+"

If you want to jump straight away to the end result, just add the plugin to your CKAN configuration file:

ckan.plugins = redlink

Add add your Redlink application key to your CKAN configuration file:

[DEFAULT] = <your-redlink-application-key>

It is recommended though that you follow the individual steps as described in the next section.

How it works

Get the id of the dataset located in / datasets / dataset page.

In CKAN, configure a dataset and add a resource.

In the resource settings, set the dataset id in the Redlink Dataset field and the default SPARQL query in the SPARQL.

If you’re unsure which SPARQL query to set, you can use this general all-purpose one:

  ?subject ?property ?object
} LIMIT 10


Apache License Version 2.0

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