Queensland Government CKAN extensions
by Queensland Government

Version 1.1

#ckanext-qgov - Queensland Government CKAN Extensions

#About Queensland Government has developed this plugin to be used with data.qld.gov.au and publications.qld.gov.au. The plugin has had Queensland Government site specific functionality removed from it.


  • Static Routing on all index.html found in static-content directory
  • CSRF Protection
  • Restrict access to user APIs; only admins should be able to view profiles other than their own
  • Resource URL filtering (domain whitelist/blacklist)
  • Statistics helpers
  • Custom feedback route
  • Password Strength validator
  • Account locking on incorrect password
  • Custom 404 Handler


  • None


ckan.plugins = qgovext

urlm.app_path = https://www.404redirect.qld.gov.au/services/url
urlm.proxy = proxy:3128
feedback_form_recipients = [email protected],[email protected]
feedback_redirection = /article/thanks
ckan.mimetypes_allowed = *


The ‘develop’ branch is automatically pushed to dev.data.qld.gov.au and dev.publications.qld.gov.au.

The ‘master’ branch is automatically pushed to test-dev.data.qld.gov.au.

For deploying to higher environments, releases should be tagged and updated in the CloudFormation templates.

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