Instant notifications for datasets
by Ross Jones

[WIP] ckanext-pubsub



ckanext-pubsub is a CKAN extension that notifies user when datasets change or new ones are added. It does this in one of three ways:

  • You can add some words, and when a new dataset is added, if it matches some percentage of the terms - you get email.
  • You can choose to watch specific datasets, and get notified when they change via email.
  • It notifies a pubsubhubbub server whenever a dataset is published, or substantially modified [1] with a link to the Atom feed.


To install this extension you should first activate the virtualenv that runs your CKAN instance and then run the following command.

 pip install -e git+

For development you should check out the code into a useful location as follows (again, as long as the virtualenv is activated)

 git clone git://
 cd ckanext-pubsub
 python develop


Add the plugin to the ckan.plugins setting in your CKAN .ini file

ckan.plugins = … subpub

Restart your web-server, probably apache

sudo apache2ctl restart


To run the tests for ckanext-pubsub you should run the following command from the folder where you installed ckanext-subpub. This is only really useful if you installed by cloning from git.


Is it any good?

No. It currently does nothing.

[1] A new resource added, for instance

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