Custom CKAN Extension for PublicData
by Open Knowledge


Custom CKAN extension for

How to Install Locally for Development

  1. Install CKAN from source.

  2. Install ckanext-pdeu. Activate your CKAN virtual environment and:

    git clone [email protected]:okfn/ckanext-pdeu.git
    cd ckanext-pdeu
    python develop
    pip install -r pip-requirements.txt
  3. Add the following settings to the [app:main] section of your CKAN config file (e.g. development.ini or pdeu.ini):

    pdeu.beta = true

and edit the following settings:

    ckan.plugins = stats dcat_api pdeu_customizations
    ckan.site_title =
    ckan.site_description = Europe's Public Data
  1. Run CKAN, e.g. paster serve pdeu.ini

Note on CKAN versions: at the time of writing the master branch of ckanext-pdeu is intended to work with CKAN 2.0 (currently the master branch of ckan). The task-migrate-to-ckan-1.7 branch of ckanext-pdeu works with CKAN 1.7.

related.json is a dump of the Apps & Ideas (ckanext-apps extension) that were on as of 16th Oct 2012, made using the paster ckanext-apps-migrate dump command. You can load the Apps & Ideas into your CKAN database as CKAN ‘Related Items’ with a command like this, from your ckanext-apps directory:

paster ckanext-apps-migrate -c ../ckan/pdeu.ini load ../ckanext-pdeu/related.json

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