Simple CMS (create web pages in CKAN)
by CKAN Association / Open Knowledge

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This extension gives you an easy way to add simple pages to CKAN.

By default you can add pages to the main CKAN menu.

Works for ckan>=2.3


Use pip to install this plugin. This example installs it in /home/www-data/pyenv, assuming you have setup a virtualenv there:

source /home/www-data/pyenv/bin/activate
pip install -e 'git+'

Make sure to add pages to ckan.plugins in your config file:

ckan.plugins = pages


Extra config options allow you to control the creation of extra pages against groups and organizations.

To swich on this behaviour, to your config add:

ckanext.pages.organization = True = True

These options are False by default and this feature is experimental.

This module also gives you a quick way to remove default elements from the CKAN menu and you may need todo this in order for you to have space for the new items you add. These options are:

ckanext.pages.about_menu = False
ckanext.pages.group_menu = False
ckanext.pages.organization_menu = False

By default these are all set to True, like on a default install.

To enable HTML output for the pages (along with Markdown), add the following to your config:

ckanext.pages.allow_html = True

By default this option is set to False. Note that this feature is only available for CKAN >= 2.3. For older versions of CKAN, this option has no effect. Use this option with care and only allow this if you trust the input of your users.

If you want to use the WYSIWYG editor instead of Markdown:

ckanext.pages.editor = medium


ckanext.pages.editor = ckeditor

This enables either the medium or ckeditor


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