Provides Swagger / Open API Console Preview for Resources that refer to APIs
by Government of British Columbia, Brock Anderson


This CKAN Extension creates an OpenAPI (aka Swagger) view that is accessible for previewing OpenAPI JSON resources.

  1. Pre-Installation

1.1 Create a new resource format in CKAN called ‘openapi-json’ using these instructions:

1.1.1. Get the id for resource_format:

GET /api/action/vocabulary_show?id=resource_format

The request should return a json object with id in result, you'll need the value associated with the id key.

1.1.2. Create a POST for tag_create:

POST /api/action/tag_create
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: <user api key>

    "vocabulary_id": "<id value from the first step>",
    "name": "openapi-json"

If all goes well, the request should return something like this:

    "help": "", 
    "success": true, 
    "result": {
        "vocabulary_id": "a42b7f16-b269-46c1-9464-98edc903fa81", 
        "packages": [], 
        "display_name": "openapi-json", 
        "id": "a3d45295-4fe8-4b64-8de0-d1e43e45a6e2", 
        "name": "openapi-json"

Note: the openapi_view plugin is only be visible to resources with format of ‘openapi-json’

  1. Installation

2.1 Copy ckanext-openapi into the ckan src folder

2.2. Within src/ckanext-openapi run:

python develop

2.3. Add ‘openapi_view’ to the list of plugins in your .ini file.

Note: If this extension is installed alongside ckanext-bcgov, be sure to list the ‘openapi_view’ plugin before the various ‘edc’ plugins in the .ini file.

If this extension is installed alongside pdf_view, be sure to list the ‘openapi_view’ plugin before pdf_view.

2.4. Add the new resource view to the CKAN database:

paster views create openapi_view -c INI_FILE

2.5. Startup ckan

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