Custom CKAN theme for Offene Daten Mettmann http-//demo
by formwandler


Custom CKAN theme for Offene Daten Mettmann containing templates, static pages, media files and translations. General setup inspired by ckanext-demo. Internationalization files inspired and forked from ckanext-ogdch.

Notice: The templates are quite rudimentary and under construction.


Use pip to install this plugin. This example installs it as user ckan into the default src directory of your virtual Python environment, for example /usr/lib/ckan/demo/src/.

su -s /bin/bash - ckan
source /usr/lib/ckan/demo/bin/activate
pip install -e git+

This will register the plugin entry point by running python develop. Make sure to add odmetheme to ckan.plugins in your config “.ini” file.

For activating the internationalization files you need to replace the original CKAN .mo files under src/ckan/ckan/i18n/ (if CKAN has been installed using “python develop”) or under lib/python2.?/site-packages/ckan/i18n/ (if CKAN has been installed using “python install”). See script in bin directory which does the job. Or configure CKAN to use the customized i18n dir by setting the config parameter ckan.i18n_directory.

Copying and License

This material has been inspired and partly mixed from the extensions ckanext-demo and ckanext-ogdch.

Adaptations are Copyright (C) 2013 Ralf Kruedewagen [email protected].

It is open source and licensed under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3 whose full text may be found at See also LICENSE file.

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