by Helsinki Region Infoshare

Provides CKAN with a table style display of datasets. Allows easy editing of multiple datasets simultaneously according to used form model.


In an activated python environment run: pip install -e git+

[The plugin is compatible only with CKAN 2.x versions]

Tested with: CKAN 2.1.1


Enable by adding to your ckan.plugins line in CKAN config:

ckan.plugins = … multiedit

Also add the following settings required by the plugin:

multiedit.package_type = your.package.type multiedit.limit = X

where X is your prefered limit for datasets shown. Note that showing and editing hundreds of datasets simultaneously can be taxing to your server, so choose a sensible limit.

your.package.type is package type your form extension returns with package_types() -function (search extension development documentation for more details). This is used for connecting your customized form to multiedit. Note: this feature has not been tested extensively, thus only using the default “multiedit.package_type = package” is recommended.


Point your browser to: your.ckan.address/multiedit

Note that you need to be logged in to use multiedit, since it needs your apikey to make updates. Search works just like regular CKAN search.

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