Moderated Edits extension for CKAN 1
by Open Knowledge

CKAN Moderated Edits Extension

The moderated edits extension for CKAN adds the ability for all updates to CKAN packages to be moderated.

Current Status: Incomplete

Installation and Activation

To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and install the source:

$ pip install hg+

This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your CKAN .ini file:

ckan.plugins = moderatededits

After you clear your cache and reload the site, the Moderated Edits plugin and should be available.

Note: Currently requires CKAN branch feature-1141-moderated-edits-ajax

Todo / Roadmap

  • Limit no. revisions shown in the revisions box, maybe show as separate pages with prev/next buttons.
  • Do some JS validation on ‘edit summary’ field (the revision commit message)
  • Add code to handle package extras


From the ckanext-moderatededits directory, run:

$ nosetests --ckan

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