KATA extensions for CKAN
by Kata team repository

Kata is a CKAN extension for handling metadata of research datasets. It is used in Etsin research data finder.


You can install the extension with:

pip install -e git://github.com/kata-csc/ckanext-kata.git#egg=ckanext-kata



Put the following lines under [app:main] in CKAN configuration file

kata.storage.malware_scan = true

kata.is_backup = false

If Google Analytics is on, add

kata.ga_id = [GA ID]

If LDAP is used, add basic LDAP configuration to the aforementioned file:

kata.ldap.enabled = true

kata.ldap.password = [LDAP PASSWORD]

kata.ldap.server = [LDAP SERVER]

kata.ldap.dn = [DN]

kata.ldap.basedn = [BASE DN]

For contact emails following settings apply:

kata.bf = [ENCRYPTION KEY]

To enable reCaptcha set:

kata.contact_captcha = true

Note that this setting requires captcha keys to be set

The email feature can be turned off with:

kata.disable_contact = true

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