Organization hierarchy - CKAN extension
by Data.Gov.UK - Cabinet Office

ckanext-hierarchy - Organization hierarchy for CKAN

Provides a new field on the organization edit form to select a parent organization. This new hierarchical arrangement of organizations is displayed using templates in this extension, instead of the usual list. An organization page also displays the section of the tree that it is part of, under the ‘About’ tab.

Forms (hierachy_form plugin):

  • /organization/new
  • /organization/edit/{id}

Templates (hierarchy_display plugin):

  • /organization - now shows the organization hierarchy instead of list
  • /organization/about/{id} - now also shows the relevant part of the hierarchy

You can use this extension with CKAN as it is, enabling both plugins. Or if you use an extension to customise the form already with an IGroupForm, then you will want to only use the hierarchy_display plugin, and copy bits of the hierarchy_form into your own. If you have your own templates then you can use the snippets (or logic functions) that this extension provides to display the trees.


  • make the trees prettier with JSTree


This extension requires CKAN v2.2 or later. Specifically it uses these changes CKAN:


Install the extension in your python environment

$ . /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate
(pyenv) $ cd /usr/lib/ckan/default/src
(pyenv) $ pip install -e "git+"

Then change your CKAN ini file (e.g. development.ini or production.ini). Note that hierarchy_display should come before hierarchy_form

ckan.plugins = stats text_view recline_view ... hierarchy_display hierarchy_form

This module is Crown Copyright 2013 and openly licensed with AGPLv3 - see LICENSE file.

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