GeoNetwork harvester for CKAN
by geosolutions-it


GeoNetwork harvester for CKAN

Main purposes:

  • Handle some GeoNetwork specific coding (e.g. OGC:WMS* protocol in onlineResource maps to the specific wms format in CKAN)
  • Provide mapping from GeoNetwork categories into CKAN groups
  • Some schemas provide GML elements with the old namespace URI while the standard CKAN CSW harvester parses elements with the namespace. This harvester enables both URIs.
  • Since GeoNetwork provides also front-end services, the harvester may build some extras fields containing URL pointing to well-known services (e.g. the extra value gn_view_metadata_url will automatically be created with a value of the related entry in geonetwork: http://yourgnportal/geonetwork/srv/it/

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