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Actions is an open data website created by the U.S. General Services Administration that is based on two robust open source projects: CKAN and WordPress. The data catalog at is powered by CKAN, while the content seen at is powered by WordPress.

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Currently this repository is only used for source version control on the code for the CKAN extension for geospatial data, but you can see all of the relevant repos listed in the GSA README file.

CKAN Extension for Geospatial Data

Most specific CKAN customizations are contained within this extension, but the extension also provides additional geospatial capabilities.


The migration process from CKAN 2.3 (forked version) to CKAN 2.8 includes a significant reduction in custom code (and a large reduction in the time required to maintain this code). This new version of the catalog (called Catalog-Next) begins to use the official versions of:

  • CKAN
  • ckanext-harvest
  • ckanext-spatial

In this way of reducing custom code this extension should be reviewed. Some features should be removed or moved to the official community versions:


Package Notes
ckanext-harvest Commit: 9d1f647 on nickumia-reisys fork until merged upstream
ckanext-datagovtheme --
ckanext-datajson Commit: a3dfe6b on GSA branch until merged to main
ckanext-spatial Commit: 93c430f on GSA fork until merged upstream
PyZ3950 --
werkzeug This only effects the tests. For all intents and purposes, this should be tracking upstream

This extension is compatible with these versions of CKAN.

CKAN version Compatibility
<=2.7 no
2.8 yes
2.9 complete


All the tests live in the /ckanext/geodatagov/tests folder. After each commit, via the CircleCI config, this tests will run in CircleCI with CKAN 2.3 (custom GSA fork) and CKAN 2.8. The CircleCI tests were not retained, but may be revisited in the future.

Using the Docker Dev Environment

Build Environment

To start environment, run: docker-compose build docker-compose up

CKAN will start at localhost:5000

To shut down environment, run:

docker-compose down

To docker exec into the CKAN image, run:

docker-compose exec app /bin/bash


They follow the guidelines for testing CKAN extensions.

To run the extension tests, start the containers with make up, then:

$ make test

Lint the code.

$ make lint

Matrix builds

The existing development environment assumes a full test setup. This makes it difficult to develop and test against new versions of CKAN (or really any dependency) because everything is tightly coupled and would require us to upgrade everything at once which doesn’t really work. A new make target test-new is introduced with a new docker-compose file.

The “new” development environment drops as many dependencies as possible. It is not meant to have feature parity with GSA/ Tests should mock external dependencies where possible.

In order to support multiple versions of CKAN, or even upgrade to new versions of CKAN, we support development and testing through the CKAN_VERSION environment variable.

$ make CKAN_VERSION=2.8 test
$ make CKAN_VERSION=2.9 test

Credit / Copying

Original work written by the team. It has been modified in support of

As a work of the United States Government, this package is in the public domain within the United States. Additionally, we waive copyright and related rights in the work worldwide through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication (which can be found at

Ways to Contribute

We’re so glad you’re thinking about contributing to ckanext-datajson!

Before contributing to ckanext-datajson we encourage you to read our CONTRIBUTING guide, our LICENSE, and our README (you are here), all of which should be in this repository. If you have any questions, you can email the team at [email protected].

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