Hadoop extensions for CKAN and FIWARE-Cosmos
by Telefonica R&D

#Tidoop This project is part of FIWARE, being part of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Tidoop is the code name for all the developments about Hadoop made by FIWARE team at Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (Telefónica Research and Development, in english), or TID in its abreviated form.

Tidoop comprises several different projects:

##Reporting issues and contact information There are several channels suited for reporting issues and asking for doubts in general. Each one depends on the nature of the question:

  • Use stackoverflow.com for specific questions about the software. Typically, these will be related to installation problems, errors and bugs. Development questions when forking the code are welcome as well. Use the fiware-tidoop tag.
  • Use [email protected] for general questions about the software. Typically, these will be related to the conceptual usage of the component, e.g. wether it suites for your project or not. It is worth to mention the issues reported to [email protected] are tracked under http://jira.fiware.org; use this Jira to see the status of the issue, who has been assigneed to, the exchanged emails, etc, nevertheless the answers will be sent to you via email too.
  • Personal email:

NOTE: Please try to avoid personaly emailing the contributors unless they ask for it. In fact, if you send a private email you will probably receive an automatic response enforcing you to use stackoverflow.com or [email protected]. This is because using the mentioned methods will create a public database of knowledge that can be useful for future users; private email is just private and cannot be shared.

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