Extension to allow organization admins to export organization datasets to Excel
by Data.gv.at - Austria

Dgvat XLS-Export Extension

The dgvat XLS-export extension allows group-admin to export datasets from their organizations to export all datasets to a .xls worksheet. Sysadmins may choose to export datasets from any organization they want or to export all datasets of all groups.

Note: This extension requires ckan 2.2 or higher

Activating and Installing

Install the plugin to your pyenv-environment.

This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your CKAN .ini file:

ckan.plugins = dgvat_xls <other-plugins>

Set up the needed values in your ini:

dgvat_xls.path = FULL_QUALIFIED_PATH - where the generated file should be stored 
                 (has to be reachable if you want to download the generated file)  
dgvat_xls.url = PUBLIC_DIRECTORY_FOR_DOWNLOAD - defaults to "/exportFiles/" used for the download link  

Using the Extension

The plugin is now reachable at: <your_ckan_url>/export_xls

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