Support for harvesting from Local Authorities
by Data.Gov.UK - Cabinet Office


This extension provides support for harvesting from Local Authority data portal that exposes datasets according to the LGA Inventory spec: .

This currently has dependencies on UK specific data, but the extension should work if the inventory document doesn’t reference the UK specific publisher and temporal URLs.


The LGA Inventory harvester relies on this version of ckanext-harvest:


For development you should install ckanext-dgu-local as follows.

  1. Install this extension as normal using pip in your activated environment:

    (pyenv) $ pip install -e “git+”

  2. Activate the plugins by adding them to the CKAN config and then restarting CKAN:

    ckan.plugins = …other_plugins… dgu_local inventory_harvester

  3. Setup the database tables:

    paster –plugin=ckanext-dgu-local dgulocal init –config=ckan_default.ini


dgu_local will provide any UI/search enhancements

inventory_harvester is used for harvesting from the LGA Inventory format.

Running tests

The tests for ckanext-dgu-local can be run from the ckanext-dgu-local folder using:

nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test-core.ini ckanext/dgulocal/tests

And some tests do not use the database so can be run in sqlite:

nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test.ini ckanext/dgulocal/tests/


This extension relies on PackageExtras being added to packages that are created, or updated. The Extras used the identifier field for a given publisher which is documented as being unique for that publisher (but no necessarily globally unique).

Package Extras

Key Value
lga_identifier The publisher-wide unique identifier for this dataset
lga_services A JSON list of service URL/Label pairs
lga_functions A JSON list of function URL/Label pairs

Group (publisher) Extras

Key Value
geo_boundary The GEOJson describing the polygon within which this authority lives - not used in this release


(c) Crown Copyright Code in this repository is subject to Crown Copyright and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0.

AGPL terms:

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