CKAN extension for development tools
by U.K. Natural History Museum


CKAN extension that provides various development tools :

  • An IPython shell, run within the CKAN environment, started as a paster script ;
  • A configuration option to start PyCharm remote debugger session


To enable the remote debugger session, you need:

  • Install the pycharm-debug.egg package on the remote machine (this file is part of the PyCharm distribution, see

  • Add the line ‘debug.remote = True’ to your configuration file (this is independent from Ckan’s debug setting ; both can be enabled or disabled separately) ;

  • Setup a Remote Debugger within PyCharm, using port 8888 (or as defined by

You may optionally define:

  • for the host IP (defaults to which is the default host IP when using Vagrant) ;
  • for the host port (defaults to 8888; it needs to match the setting in PyCharm) ;
  • debug.remote.stdout_to_server to send stdout to the debugging host (defaults to True) ;
  • debug.remote.stderr_to_server to send stderr to the debugging host (defaults to True) ;
  • debug.remote.suspend defines whether the debugger should break as soon as it is started (defaults to False).


To use the paster launched shell do:

paster –plugin=ckanext-dev shell -c <path to your config file>

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