Retrieval and helpers for ODI Open Data certificates
by Data.Gov.UK - Cabinet Office

ODI Open Data Certificates extension

This extension provides a mechanism for retrieving information about Open Data Certificates so that the information can be included on the dataset page.

There are no templates supplied with this extension, but you can use the template helpers to integrate the information into your own templates.


  1. Active your virtualenv
  2. Go to where you install your extensions
  3. git clone
  4. cd ckanext-certificates
  5. python develop


You should add certificates to your list of plugins configured by ckan.plugins.

It is wise to add a parameter to the ODI Certificates feed URL, to request only your site’s dataset certificates. e.g.:

ckanext.certificates.feed_url =

All certificates will be checked to see if they are for your site anyway, by seeing if the ‘about’ URL starts with your configured ckan.site_url. e.g.

ckan.site_url =

Note it is automatically flexible enough to allow both http and https versions, and with www. inserted or not.

However in some circumstances the ckan.site_url may be different to the certificates interested in, perhaps on a test machine. In this case you can configure a string that the about URL must start with in ckanext.certificates.site_url e.g.

ckan.site_url = http://localhost:5000
ckanext.certificates.site_url =

Or maybe a regular expression is needed, to cope with variations e.g.

ckanext.certificates.site_url_regex = https?://(catalog\.)?data\.gov

Retrieving information

You should set up a recurring task to fetch the certificates at a rate that is sensible. To run the task as a one-off:

paster --plugin=ckanext-certificates fetch_certs -c <PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE>


A few tests are available:

nosetests ckanext/certificates/tests/

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