Easy bulk access to CKAN datasets, on Windows, MacOS and Linux
by Centre for Comparative Genomics, Murdoch University


This CKAN extension adds a bulk-download facility to CKAN.

Snippets are provided, which when included on the relevant pages will add a button that, when clicked, downloads a Zip file containing:

  • a list of all relevant resource URLs
  • a MD5 checksum file
  • scripts which downloads those resources and confirm the checksums match in:
    • Python (cross platform)
    • Windows PowerShell
    • UNIX shell script (bash, using curl)
  • CSV files detailing all metadata for each package (one CSV per dataset schema)
  • CSV files detailing all metadata for each resource (one CSV per resource schema)
  • a metadata file containing information about the original query and quantity of results

Snippets are provided for the organization and package search CKAN views.

This extension depends upon ckanext-scheming.

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