ckanext basemaps plugin

BaseMaps for CKAN

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This plugin dependencies ckanext-spatial Plugin.

The current version of ckanext-basemaps has been developed and tested again CKAN 2.1.x. We assume a running CKAN 2.1.x instance.

The installation has the following steps, assuming you have a running copy of CKAN:

  1. Install the extension from its source repository:

    (pyenv) $ pip install -e git+


These are the configuration options used by the extension

  1. Map Names:

    ckanext.basemaps.laylers.names = 地理院地図(標準), 地理院地図(白地図),電子国土基本図(オルソ画像)
  2. Map URLs:

    ckanext.basemaps.laylers.urls ={z}/{x}/{y}.png,{z}/{x}/{y}.png,{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

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