CKAN extension that provides support to create data offerings in the FIWARE Business API Ecosystem for datasets secured with the FIWARE Security Framework
by CoNWeT Lab. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

CKAN BAE Publisher

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CKAN extension that allows users to publish datasets in the FIWARE Business API Ecosystem GE as offerings in an easy way. To do so, a new tab is added in the Datasets Manage menu that offers a form to set the basic options of the offering.

Offerings are not automatically published so the dataset creator must access this form and complete it in order to publish the dataset using the FIWARE Business API Ecosystem.

Note: This software is intended to integrate a CKAN instance with the FIWARE Business API Ecosystem and it won’t work with other Marketplaces/Stores.



Install this extension in your CKAN instance is as easy as intall any other CKAN extension.

  • Activate your virtual environment (generally by running . /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate)
  • Install the extension by running pip install ckanext-baepublisher
  • Modify your configuration file (generally in /etc/ckan/default/production.ini) and add baepublisher in the ckan.plugins setting.
  • In the same config file, specify the location of FIWARE BAE to use by adding the ckan.baepublisher.store_url setting.
  • Restart your apache2 reserver (sudo service apache2 restart)
  • That’s All!


This sofware contains a set of test to detect errors and failures. You can run this tests by running the following command:

nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test.ini ckanext/baepublisher/tests/

Note: The test.ini file contains a link to the CKAN test-core.ini file. You will need to change that link to the real path of the file in your system (generally /usr/lib/ckan/default/src/ckan/test-core.ini).

You can also generate coverage reports by running: ``` nosetests –ckan –with-xunit –with-pylons=test.ini ckanext/baepublisher/tests/ –with-coverage –cover-package=ckanext.baepublisher –cover-inclusive –cover-erase . –cover-xml

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