Hadoop extensions for CKAN and FIWARE-Cosmos
by Telefonica R&D


This project is part of FIWARE, being part of the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Tidoop is the code name for all the developments about Hadoop made by FIWARE team at Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo (Telefónica Research and Development, in english), or TID in its abreviated form.

Tidoop comprises several different projects:

Reporting issues and contact information

There are several channels suited for reporting issues and asking for doubts in general. Each one depends on the nature of the question:

NOTE: Please try to avoid personaly emailing the contributors unless they ask for it. In fact, if you send a private email you will probably receive an automatic response enforcing you to use stackoverflow.com or fiware-tech-help@lists.fi-ware.org. This is because using the mentioned methods will create a public database of knowledge that can be useful for future users; private email is just private and cannot be shared.

Recent Activity